About this Page

If you want to get straight to it, here’s my repo and I try to learn the basics of things like this:
Agonising but ultimately worthwhile computer vision and particle filter MOOC on Coursera

Design and hardware are great, but unless you intend to carry your products around it helps to instruct them to do something automatically. Since the theme of this website is mobility, I will be reviewing learning resources that help us control robots to sense the world, decide what to do, and control their bodies to carry out the required actions.

GitHub Repo

Pseudocode Example

I’ve personally learned more from clearly laid out pseudocode than a few semesters of C++ “basics” at uni. I’ll try my best to explain my code like this:

# Taking a step back from syntax

Do this 5 times, or until you lose patience:

   Read this line;
   If it makes sense: say these numbers;
   If it doesn't: say these numbers;

Create a matrix of dimensions 4x4
Fill it with random integers between -5 and 3
Invert it and multiply it with [x y z theta] transposed

      "hang on, what are x, y, z and theta?"

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